Figure Painting

Isabelle and I had a full 5 days of Life drawing and painting at my studio.  We hired an amazing model that sat incredibly still and was totally patient and understanding of our needs as figure painters.  Here are the studies I created in the 5 days.  There should be enough information for me here to turn this into a bigger painting at a later date.  So many other things to work on at the moment so this will have to be put on the back burner!

figure painting

Trip to Rockley

I had such a relaxing, Art inspiring time with Tim Miller at his studio in Rockley Studios.  There’s something about Tim that makes you feel comfortable and at ease in his presence.  I don’t know whether its his welcoming estate or his simple and peaceful attitude to life but its always a spirit cleansing moment for me whenever I visit his place.  As for the paintings i did while i was there, I’m unsure whether i will end up using these for the exhibition this coming October but here they are for show now.





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Day 31 – Dur Ga

Thank you Dur Ga. I had to add a few more colours to my palette to suit your complexion but it was a really good change because I think this is one of my best works.

Thank you to everyone that helped me draw and paint 31 portraits in 31 days.

I just added the finished work to my site as I’m a little busy celebrating with family. Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!



Day 30 – Mel

Thank you Mel for coming on short notice and bringing along my favourite sit-com Seinfeld to watch.  Brings back old memories hearing the first couple of seasons playing in the background… listening to the all time classic jokes from that show made me realize how much of it I remember!

I think I made you look like you’re 16 in this painting!


Day 29 – Eleanor

Thank you Eleanor for remaining upright today. I had pushed you to sleeping point but I’m glad you sat for more than what was required because I’m pleased with the result, even though this was one of my most difficult.

I think I’m reaching a most comfortable point in my portrait painting that after this 31 days I’ll have to take a long break from it and begin a new project. Maybe landscape, maybe drapery, maybe figure.. maybe even abstract! I don’t know.. we’ll see what the near future holds!


Day 28 – James Peniata

On James’ request I had to paint to K-Pop music which isn’t as bad as I initially thought.  I had to paint this one with artificial light and so the colour’s in this painting was difficult to see because of the differences in light sources, and the beard was quite a challenge.  I can still say I came away with something I’m pretty happy with.


Day 27 – Wendy Wang

Thanks Wendy for being an absolutely great model to paint!  I was seeing the colour much better in this painting that a few of my others and I quite enjoyed painting this one with Wendy keeping me entertained.


Day 26 – Stan

I was having such an awesome time at Haruyo’s farewell party i almost didn’t want to do a portrait however when I make a promise, no matter how big or small, I try to stick to it.  I took Stan away from to party to sit for me for roughly 20 – 30 minutes.  I quite like how i captured his expression in this drawing,  A lot of people look at me this way when i catch them off guard to draw them!


day 25 – Susan and Randolph

Painting Susan beside Randolph was a real challenge today. It was difficult to create the same lighting conditions of the other day when I painted Randolph, it was a much more cloudier day. Also making the head sizes and colour scheme similar was a challenge. I haven’t signed it yet since its a commission.. I was to get it right before I call it finished.

Susan and Randolph have a great relationship. It was so good to paint them together like this.

Only 6 days to go!! I didn’t think I’d get this far!


Day 24 – Wendy Chu

Wendy couldn’t stop moving and laughing at times while watching ‘love actually’ but she finally settled into a pose for me to capture her with paint.  I thought I would be a little daring on this occasion and I filmed a time-lapse of me painting this particular one.  It felt very nervous having a camera capture my every brush stroke…  but I soon forgot about the camera and carried on like it wasn’t even there.  I’ll post the video on my website soon!

Khiet Chu, you’ll be stoked with the result!